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USI Electric Actuators

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AC or DC Powered Precision Electric Actuator

USI’s fourth generation actuator builds on the strengths of the generations before it while adding extra functionality in a hazardous location rated standard package for all models. 

    • Hazardous Location Rating is standard: Class 1, Division II, Group A, B, C, and D
    • Non-Contact Position Sensing: No mechanical switches to wear out
    • Capacitor Based Electronic Power Backup: Allowing for backup lifespan of greater than 10 years
    • Customizable Speed Settings: Each model may be customized to fit your Open/Close speed needs
      • X0400: 3-10 seconds for 90° rotation
      • X1200: 7-20 seconds for 90° rotation
      • X2500: 12-36 seconds for 90° rotation
      • X5000: 28-80 seconds for 90° rotation
    • Programmable Feedback Standard: 4-20mA feedback allows remote reading of exact position of the actuator shaft
    • High Number of Starts Per Hour: Can exceed 6000 starts per hour
    • Permanently Lubricated Drivetrain: No maintenance needed
    • 100% Modulation Standard: 4-20mA or 0-10V DC control input standard


LCM stocks and sales only the highest quality name brand process control products. Brands like Clark-Reliance®, Dyna-Flo, Farris™, USI, iValve and Graco. Our control products experts can help you find the right products and materials to meet your application requirements. LCM’s trained valve technitions will make sure your products are set, tested and ready for installation.


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